A Second J1539/P1708 Reappears
by Saul Teichman
August 9, 1999

The Anderson-Dupont specimen of J1539/P1708 is being offered by Stacks in their September 1999 sale for the first time in 45 years. This coin, although cataloged as J1539 (actually AW1538) in the Anderson-Dupont sale, was described as the Dibello example of J1538/P1706 in the Lester Merkin February 1971 sale apparently in error. This error was repeated in my 1877 half dollar pedigree article in the 'Encyclopedia' section of this website. Because of this, I had classified J1539/P1708 as unique in the pattern concordance with the only specimen known being the former Dr. Judd coin which is the plate coin in his book.

These two errors have now been corrected.

The coin itself appears to be a choice red and brown proof with a spotted obverse. It remains to be seen what it will bring.


The coin realized $11,500