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The Smithsonian example of the 1792 Disme in copper with a reeded edge, believed to be the finest known specimen.

There are about 20 known of J10/P11. They appear to have the normal vertical reeded edges. The finest collectible is believed to be the former Ellsworth, Garrett example which can be viewed here. Examples are also in the Durham Museum and Independence Hall collections.

There are 3 examples of J9/P10 in silver with normal vertical reeded edges as follows. These pedigrees have been updated based on information in Stacks 10/2000 sale.

1) Dewitt Smith, Brand (journal #46511), Judd, Kosoff and Kaplan 1960s FPLs, Partrick-Heritage 1/15 FUN, Heritage 4/16 - NGCAU50.

2) Mickley, Cohen, Fonrobert, Ulex, Jewett, Col Green, Schulman 4/52, Norweb-B/M 11/88, Partrick-Heritage 1/15 FUN - NGC XF details. This is a thick planchet specimen with the date removed. Both this and the next appear in the F.C.C. Boyd's appraisal of the Col Green inventory sold in Kolbe-Fannings January 2012 sale.

3) Seavey (1873 Descriptive Catalog #839), Parmelee, Steigerwalt (offered in his fixed price lists), Granberg-1914 ANS exhibit, Newcomer, Col Green, Starr, Stacks 10/00, southern collection, Simpson collection, Heritage 1/16.

It is possible that the Granberg and Brand pedigrees are reversed but based on current information, this is the most likely scenario.

There are also 3 examples of J11/P12 known in copper with a plain edge as follows:

1) Mint collection (Newlin 12/15/1885 trade for an 1826 quarter eagle), Maris (H.P Smith 6/1886), Garrett, Bowers and Ruddy's Garrett IV sale, Partrick-Heritage 1/15 FUN - NGC64RB

2) Stacks 4/44 lot 569, Lohr, Roper as AU, Stacks 10/05, southern collection, Simpson collection - NGC61BN, overgraded

3) Authenticated at the 2004 ANA, Goldberg 2/05 gem but defaced.

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Photo courtesy of the National Numismatic Collection of the Smithsonian Institution.