SI - J1981/P2038

A.A. Weinman's so-called Mercury dime. This is one of several different designs he produced. This used to be J1794 in earlier editions of Judd.

This one has the thin head and neck. Pollock lists two different patterns using this style of obverse, P2037 & P2038, but only P2038 appears to exist. Both Smithsonian examples have periods between the letters "In God" and "We Trust" as well as the same reverse leaf arrangement. It is the weakness in striking of the first piece below which makes it appear that they are 2 different patterns even though they are not.

At least four are known including the two illustrated above from the Smithsonian, the Farouk, Kosoff-Bowers and Merena 11/85, Superior 9/93 example which is illustrated in the dime section of the photo galley and a fourth in a Boston dealer's inventory in the late 1970s.

Photos courtesy of the National Numismatic Collection of the Smithsonian Institution. The first is inventory number 1985.0551.0760 and the second is 1985.0551.0761.