SI - J1988/P2048

MacNeil's Standing Liberty Quarter with a reverse having two olive branches, not laurel leaves as previously described, around the circumference. This used to be J1796A in earlier editions of Judd.

Dr Judd believed this reverse to be a transitional one for the type II reverse used from 1917 through 1930 whereas Pollock lists it first. It is in fact the first design and was struck sometime between May 23 and June 24 of 1916.

The reference books list 2 patterns using this reverse.

J1796A/P2048 having the obverse used on J1989/P2050 without MacNeil's initial "M" at the base of the right portal and more leaves around the letter "L" in Liberty. J1989 used to be J1795 in earlier editions of Judd.

Only 3 are confirmed, two of which, illustrated above are in the Smithsonian, the other ex Newcomer, Farouk, Kosoff-Bowers and Merena 11/95, Cline-Superior 10/90.

The other, J1796/P2049, having the regular obverse with designers initial "M" is unconfirmed and has been delisted from the new 8th edition of Judd.

Photo courtesy of the National Numismatic Collection of the Smithsonian Institution. The first is inventory 1985.0551.0758 and the second is 1985.0551.0759.