SI - J1950/P2025

This is one of two 1913 type one buffalo nickel patterns without the designer's initial. This used to be J1789 in earlier editions.

This one has a small flat top 3 in the date as shown below.

The other J1951/P2024 has a round top 3 and is struck on a slightly broader planchet. This used to be J1789A in earlier editions.

Pollock quotes a letter from January 1913 stating that 17 were struck of which 6 were destroyed. 2 are in the Smithsonian and are illustrated below. The former Farouk, Auction 89, Heritage 5/01 example can be viewed by clicking here.

Photo courtesy of the National Numismatic Collection of the Smithsonian Institution. The first is inventory 1985.0551.0752 and the second is 1985.0551.0753