Click to enlargeSI - JA1903-1/P3512/P3515

This is one of two known examples of the Louisiana commemorative die trials struck in cardboard.

This one, from the Smithsonian, has both the Jefferson and McKinley obverses combined with 6 different reverses. It is interesting to note that the accepted reverse is the only struck upside down on the piece of cardboard. Were these struck after the fact? To my knowledge, this is the first time this has been shown in color to the collecting fraternity.

The other, sold in a Bowers and Merena auction in November 1997, has both obverses combined with only one pattern reverse. It can be viewed by clicking here. That sale also illustrated the Smithsonian example in black & white.

Pollock gave these trial pieces two numbers, P3512 for the obverse and P3515 for the reverse not knowing that both obverse and reverse were on the same piece of cardboard. They really should have been given just one number.

Both of these are believed to have been in the Nagy collection. The Smithsonian example was donated by Stacks in 1967.

Photo courtesy of the National Numismatic Collection of the Smithsonian Institution.